Tuesday, November 11, 2008

twizzlers is the taste

watched an episode of the office the other day, where dwight shrute goes to work at staples. at the end of the episode, he rips off his uniform and throws it on the floor, marching triumphantly out the door. this has always since june 2008 been my dream. dwight, you lucky lucky dawg.
i hesitate to share this next bit with you all...for fear of you thinking that all i do is surf youtube. maybe i do. whatever.
either way, i have more gold for you. spend some time with it. love it. it's trale lewous. and he's a sexy man.
and this:
oh, wait, you might like this one too:

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Joni said...

I tried to stalk you while I was in Regina...but I wasn't sure what Staples you worked at...so I went into the East one twice but you weren't there both times...oh well