Tuesday, October 28, 2008

staples...that was dumb

staples is in the halloween spirit. that's right: pumpkins. all the employees get to carve & bring in a pumpkin. everyone was so excited, that two people participated (neither one of them was me).
suddenly, one of the managers had a brilliant idea! there's a lightbulb by the cash register--what if we put one of the pumpkins up there, so it would glow in the brightly flourescent-lit store!?
oh, good call.
so this stupid pumpkin is hangin out by my cash register, and i'm watching it melt throughout the day.
enter fire, stage right.
that's right, a little spark, which i did not notice...then a little flame...which i noticed pretty dang quick. i'm ringing through paper for this little old lady, when the stupid pumpkin bursts into flames. brief thought: wouldn't it be wonderful if the customer service center burned? as in, to the ground.
so i'm watching the thing burn, and people are starting to display various reactions: shock, enjoyment, freaking out-ness (shock from the customers, enjoyment from the employees, freaking out-ness from the managers), when the stupid pumpkin falls to the floor. the flames jump to a nearby box of paper. my dream is coming true--staples is on fire.
today, staples business depot burned down. as in, to the ground.
and we, the cashiers, rolled and played in the ashes, laughing through our third degree burns
and shouting: we're free!
daydreaming is what gets me through the work day.


Anonymous said...

So was there actually a pumkin? or was it all a day dream

suzi said...

oh, there was a pumpkin...and a bad idea by a manager...
and even some melting...
but unfortunately, that was all there was.

CourtBourt said...

I thought you were totally serious about the burning . . . until I got to the end.