Saturday, October 25, 2008


went to a show last night. i was so very excited, as live music is about as exhilerating for me as going to the bahamas, or being at a theme park, or opening a brand new tube of tooth paste and using it before anyone.

got to the venue at 8, cuz that's when myspace said the show would begin. at 8, the show did not start. at 9, the show did not start. at 10, even, the show did not start. at 11...the room darkened, and a single male voice pierced the air. there were 11 of them, on this little stage. they didn't really fit. two drumsets, a couple modified keyboards, an accordian, a couple of girls with little blow-into handheld keyboard things (i forget what they're called, but i think jannaya has one), some guitars (lots of guitars. well, 3).
they played one song. then the power went out.
daaaaaang. if they had started at 8, they could have finished by the time the power went out.
but marshall burns and friends did not give up. well, one friend did. the accordian player opted out for a sit down chat with his girlfriend. but the rest of them began to play a very pitiful acoustic set, consisting of only a single drumbeat and about 4 notes played over and over on those little blower keyboards. oh, and the vocal part: EVERYBODY SING!: "YOU won't be leaving ME! YOU won't be leaving ME! YOU won't..." etc etc etc.
ENTER DRUNK GIRL, stage left.
we watched her try to pick up about 4 different guys. including the two lead singers of the band. while they were trying to perform their acoustic set.
we watched the crowd quickly lose interest in the repetetive song, and the band notice, and then we watched the band move from the stage into the audience, singing at the top of their lungs. we watched the audience get annoyed. we watched drunk girl dance. we watched marshall burns staring at the ceiling, singing loudly and pretending not to notice drunk girl standing an inch from his face, grabbing his ears and telling him how she thought he should get them pierced.
we left.


Heinrique said...

Worst show ever. This reeks of fail. I hope you got your money back.

suzi said...

yeah was a free show. so i guess that was the one good thing. that and watching all the awkwardness. i love awkward.