Wednesday, September 3, 2008

i award you no points

i saw a sign in a store window today that said, "nice shoes for less."
good one guys. best ad campaign EVER. might as well just make a sign that says, "kind of expensive, but not really, and sort of comfy, pretty long lasting shoes" or better yet, "our product is average".
i had another one of those moments today where i thought i was going to be killed by some guy. i was walking in the park and he was walking in the park and he had a plethora of scraggly unwashed hairs covering the chin region of his face. and as he approached, he rolled up his sleeves, staring at me the whole time, and started flexing his muscles. no lie. so i thought maybe he was going to use his muscles to punch my lights out, but he was actually just showing off, in his scary crazy man sort of way. i was unimpressed.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

HA! I wish I could've been there...I would've been impressed by the scary crazy man...I would've flexed my muscles back at him and he would have been terrified :)