Friday, August 1, 2008

thinking, that's all

hey there. just sittin here, thinkin about paper. how one sheet weighs like nothing, and two sheets weighs the same as one sheet, but a box of paper is too heavy for me to lift. also thinking about fat women with tattoos, and how if they lost enough weight, the tattoo could potentially just dissapear, couldn't it? i'm maybe thinking even a little bit about death. and how scary regina is in the dark.
just gonna head off to bed now. busy weekend ahead. hi rachie, lov ya.

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Anonymous said...

hi suz, lov ya too.
so i was a little confused and didn't know what day it was when i wrote that i would be in SK the same weekend as crystal. i didn't mean to lie! but i am quite disappointed about not being able to see u both and a certain special someone of yours... but alas and alack, it will be done another day ok?
don't walk around regina at night by yourself.