Tuesday, August 5, 2008

knock knock ginnnnnnger

someone just rang my doorbell, and when i got there, they were gone. i'd be annoyed, but i totally did that a couple weeks ago. i was coming home late (like 2 in the morning-ish), and was, as per usual, slightly disorientated and overtired. i fumbled with my keys in the dark, picturing masked, armed men jumping out of the shadows at me, and finally got the key in the door. and turned. and, for some reason, could not get the door unlocked. i jerked the key out of the lock, banging my elbow against the door frame--and the doorbell--in the process. i felt pretty bad, hearing the loud bell sound inside the house, knowing i'd probably woken my roommates up. as i went to put the key back in for a second try i noticed that my address was suddenly 3858 instead of 3862.
so i ran, as fast as i could. who knows how crazy my neighbors are in the first place, let alone after being woken up at 2 in the morning by the stupid blonde next door.


Anonymous said...

Bawhaha!!!!! Ok, I'm picturing a man just being awakened by his doorbell ringing, getting up, peering out his window and seeing a crazy blond chick running away from his front door! It's a great mental picture. Thankyou for that :)

Anonymous said...


Don't worry about it, Suz. I'll probably do the same thing. Blondes unite!