Wednesday, July 30, 2008

last night i dreamt a horror movie

so guess what. today, i grew up a little bit. an adult told me that it is perhaps a little bit childish that i still go by the nickname "suzy". he recommended that i be elena from here on in. apparently 21 year olds don't do nicknames. and you know what, i think he has a point. i am: sophisticated, grown-up, mature, Elena.
what a grown-up name. i feel like i should maybe trade in my chucks for some high heels and invest in some hole-free pants. out with the emery and thrice, in with the celine dion and michael buble. maybe own a house. have some kids. care about politics. have something living in my house (say, a potted plant) that isn't growing under my bed. stop running into things in my car and obey the traffic lights. get a real job.
what a horrific way to live.


Anonymous said...

Responsibility. What's that?

Responsibility. Not yet.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE NOOOOOOO!!!!! I wouldn't be able to talk to you...I mean seriously, I can't call you Elena! It's weird just typing it, let alone me trying to call you that to your face. NEVER! Never in a million when you turn a million and twenty one, then I will call you Elena :)