Tuesday, July 29, 2008

foamy unbreakable heart

i think that cars should be made of foam, or bubble wrap, at least the front and back of them should.
all breakable things in LIFE should be made of foam and bubble wrap. because, what fun is anything, if it's just going to break?
[on a slightly more emo note: hearts, too, should be made of foam and bubble wrap.]
the reason i think of this is: on my street in front of my house, i have to paralell park. every night. and some nights, say, last night for example, i get home very late. like 2ish [a.m.]
thusly, i'm tired. on these nights, it's also dark, so i have poor depth perception. also, on these nights, i'm in a hurry to get into bed, and the steering wheel is slippery, and the road must be on a slight incline and people don't leave enough room and it's probably not my fault at all because i never did have a very good driver instructer...and all these other reasons collaberate against me. and i find myself maybe running into other vehicles. and yes, it has happened more than once. i'm a bad neighbor. but not on purpose, though.
also, i had this epic moment today, in my car, where i thought i was going to get hit head on by a bus. it was completely magical. time slowed a little and i looked into the bus driver's eyes as i swerved a little to get out of the way.
it was just so in sync with the music i was listening to, i'm not even being a little sarcastic. as the bus' headlights washed over my little car and i felt the gentle rumble of the huge vehicle sweeping past, i thought to myself: "wow. i'm going to blog about this."
and then i realized that i'm a little bit addicted to blogging. and despised myself.
and this post is dedicated to kara, even though i don't think she reads my blog, because i used the word "epic", and it was on purpose, coz i think it sounds cool when she says things are "epic".


Anonymous said...

umm...can you just win the lottery and then hire someone to drive you around cause I'm scared for your life :) Maybe you could just wrap your entire car in bubblewrap...that might do the trick too!

Kara said...

what an epic blog post. thanks.