Friday, July 18, 2008


i felt a little famous yesterday. i was walking down the street, and came to an intersection, where i had to wait for the little white man so i could cross. you all know the one i'm talkin about. there's the little red hand, and then when it's safe to walk, it changes to a little white man.
[speaking of the little white man, i have to share a story about him. miss kimber & i were walking one day in saskatoon. we, too, came to one such intersection, where the red hand told us that, no, it was not ok to cross the street, as we might be struck by oncoming traffic. so we waited. and waited. and finally, our moment came! the little white man appeared! and as we began to cross the street, i loudly expressed my joy at seeing that little white guy. i said, "YES! THE LITTLE WHITE GUY. that guy is HOTT! let's go meet him!" and crystal loudly agreed with me, "YES! that little white guy IS hott! i agree!" and we joyfully, gleefully, and loudfully skipped across the street to the little white man. what we were painfully oblivious to was the fact that across the street from us, standing there, watching us skip towards him loudly proclaiming the hotness of the little white man across the street, was...a short white male. like, a for real life type one. underneath the traffic light one. he had a dog on a leash and he looked a little unsure of whether he should come towards us. as we were already bounding towards him, yelling about how hot he was. oops. upon realizing this, i made a fantastic save. i said, "yes. that is a cute dog." and crystal agreed with me. and we sheepishly skipped past the man and his dog.]
back to yesterday. so i was standing there waiting for the little white man, when a truck pulls up beside me. and as i stand there, the driver begins to slowly roll his window down, while peering creepily out at me. i'm awkward by nature, so i begin to pretend i don't see him and look spastically around at the sky...and the other cars...and the building behind me. nice...brickwork... next time i look back at him, he has his CAMERA out and is TAKING PICTURES of me.
so like...i struck a pose.
just kidding. i just...walked away.
umm...the end.


Anonymous said...

That is creepy. If he comes by again, let me know so I can beat the crap out of him for you, he has no right taking pictures of you and creeping you out, even though you are pretty much irresistable.

Anonymous said...

Yay for the little white guy! He's so HOTTTT! :)