Saturday, July 19, 2008

abduction 2008

yesterday, i had a frightful moment. want to hear it? doesn't matter, i'm about to blawg it whether you want to or not.
i was out practising my going for a walk skillz, near the edge of town, so not really in the city so much as beside it. and this car slows as it drives past. it came back. drove past me slowly again. i walked a little faster. a third time, it came back. it was like, a shark car...circling slowly...duhhh-da, duhhh-da, duhh-da... this time though, it stopped. and the window rolled down, and a very creepy looking man called out, "hey want a ride?"
i kept walking, "nope, i'm good."
but he persisted, "hey, it's hot, where're you going?" yeah. it was hot. but i'd rather sit in a microwave than get into that car with you.
and then he opened the door. uhhhhh...
so i made a beeline for the nearest house and called out, "i live right here!" he drove off then.
so i'm ok. and today, i'm going to get my nerd on and go to the science center.
i'd like to leave you with a quote from a song that, i'm sure, will be running through my head all day.
"...bill nye, the science guy (bill! bill! bill!) --science rules--bill nye the science guy..."
-bill nye, the science guy opening credits

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Dono said...

Here I am, trying to offer you a ride and you run off like that. Last time I try to be nice.