Monday, July 21, 2008

oh no! i'm mean!

i told a guy at work a few days ago that norwegians are from norwegia.
and that in norwegia, schooling costs so much money that i could only afford a fifth grade education, and am therefore quite illiterate.
and he said, "that's cool. i knew you were from a different country, i just wasn't sure which one. i'd never heard of norwegia. do you think you'll ever finish your high school education?"
then i told him that i was just saying stuff that wasn't true, because i was bored.
and he said, " you mean...schooling is free in norwegia?"
i wasn't trying to be misleading. i was trying to be sarcastic. apparently i suck at sarcastic and rock at misleading. and suck at mentioning the part where norwegia isn't actually a country. i hope he doesn't share his newfound knowledge with too many gullible people. i may have just invented a new country.

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Anonymous said...

That's hilarious. I'd like to go to Norwegia sometime. I wonder if it's a country kinda like . . . Norway? . . . hmm . . .