Friday, July 25, 2008


i'm watching a movie that was made in 1988. this is generally a bad idea. what makes it even more of a bad idea is that it's a "science fiction" "thriller". so there's lots of "da da daaaaa...." music, and the main character has pretty much been in tears for the entire duration of the movie. i'll read you the description: "Pulse. [pg-13] A boy tries to warn his father and stepmother about their unsafe household appliances."

"sir...what...please tell me-- WHAT is going on? i hear...i hear....voices..." the music is growing. "it's like the house is getting more's growing. it's gaining. it's all around..."
"lady...i'll tell you what i told your son. unplug it. unplug ALL of it. not just some of it. or...or...."
da da DAAAAAAA......
"but what do i know? i'm just....crazy...." i love how people in horror movies just whisper something ominous and drive off without saying goodbye.
hmm...what's she gonna do? oh, good idea lady...go home and have a shower.
and now her appliances have locked her in the shower and are boiling her to death.
well. that was gruesome.
ah, but you gotta love people in horror movies. the husband in this one is a real winner.
hmm..the appliances have murdered your wife. what do you do? venture back into the house at midnight to check on your power tools? [which, incidentally, can be pretty dang lethal when they have a mind of their own.] good idea, steve.
awww, you're dead.


Jannaya said...

Amazing. I recommend you watch The Fly. 1986. Jeff Goldblum. Big hair. Human teleportation gone horribly wrong. "Be afraid, be very afraid." You should see the trailer. It's on YouTube.
That is all.

Dono said...

"Help me. Help me!" Been awhile since I've seen the Fly. And yeah, Pulse is an interesting movie too. The 1980's were some interesting years for film, namely the thriller genre.

suzi said...

you guys are so film savvy. my word.

Anonymous said...

Classic horror/thriller movies are the best. Namely "The Shining" and "Misery". I'm very interested in watching "Pulse" now; seems like a very laugh-worthy movie.