Tuesday, July 15, 2008

budger and friends

adults are more like kids than 3 year olds sometimes. you would be amazed, AMAZED, at how hard the concept of standing in line is for some 30 year olds. the following scenario has happened more than once, but i'm citing this specific one because it happened today: there is a line. at my till. it's HUGE. everyone's impatient. everyone's glaring at everyone else, because everyone wishes they were the only one in the line. and i don't think it's cuz they just want to be alone with me. or maybe it is. i don't know. anyways.
this guy comes up, out of nowhere, and just steps in front of the lady that's next in line. and her eyes just bug out of her head and he just plops his stuff on the counter and glares at me. like, "you're wasting my time already, and i just got here." and then the lady's glaring at me like, "you're gonna let him do that?"
and i just glare at the counter like, "i hate my job.
and as the day goes on...i start losing my ability to form coherent speech patterns. and basic english skills. i begin to substitute things i see around me for the words that are appropriate for the situation. for instance, while speaking to a heavily tattooed man, instead of asking him if he would like a bag for his purchases, i ask him, "would you like a tattoo?" or, take the time i inform a lady that her day planner will cost her "two-ty two dollars and 5 cents."

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