Thursday, July 10, 2008

irrelevant gender

what i want to say now...might sound mean. but i don't really mean to be mean...i just need to tell you this. and it's actually more of a compliment. but a mean-sounding one.
maybe i just shouldn't say it at all.
but i'm going to, because now you want to know what it is that i want to say that might sound mean but is actually a compliment.
ok, so i saw one of the most beautiful people today in staples. that's not the mean part, in case you couldn't tell. that's the compliment part.
the "mean part", if you can call it that i couldn't tell what this person was, exactly. like, boy? girl? i don't know. old? young? coulda been either. i'm not even positive what race. they weren't white..but not quite black...maybe a little asian?
the thing is, usually when you can't tell if someone is a boy or a girl, they're usually not good looking. or they would be a good looking guy but an ugly girl. or whatever. but this person... would make a gorgeous girl, and a pretty dang handsome guy. and was one of those people who, if i had to id them, i would feel pretty awkward about it...coulda been waaaayyyy over 21, or waaayyyyyy under. or spot on.
k, i'm going to stop talking about this person.


Anonymous said...

I can't even place an image in my mind about that person in Staples. I've never seen a beautiful person who could be dual-gender-ish. They've all been, well, not beautiful (to put it nicely). I wanna see that person now.

Jannaya said...

You didn't go and ask them?

Anonymous said...

please, if you ever see this beautiful person (whatever it is) should take pictures! Then you can show the pictures to all your friends (namely me...haha)and togeather we can decide what it is :)