Sunday, June 8, 2008

a rad rhyme about my day

today i was crossing the street
from the coop where i bought some meat
then i heard a shout,
it's a good thing i'm fast on my feet.

....and, long story short and rhymes aside, this huge white van screeched to a stop just inches (literally, inches) short of making me very dead.
second time i've almost been hit by a vehicle in the past month. but this time it wasn't my fault.
i promise, mom, i was being careful this time.


rachiedragon said...

SUZI!!!!!! i don't like all these stories about ur close to death encounters! i vote regina is a dangerous city and that u should move out here with me where u only have to worry about large farm equipment with slow moving signs on all of them. oh. and a few cows.

Anonymous said... should move out to manitoba where the only thing you need to fear is a couple vicious cows and some slow moving farm impliments! I have faith that you would be able to avoid death from both! Plus then you'd be the same province :) Rachie makes a wonderful point

Breezy said...

Your mom told me this story the other day, lol