Monday, May 12, 2008

message to ye old men: go home to poop

this morning i went downstairs for breakfast and there was a distinct smell coming from...well, everywhere. it permeated the house, and all of its contents [hopefully excluding ME]. i got some yogurt from the fridge and wandered into the living room. that's where it was the worst.
poop. i have to wonder if maybe the older you get, the worse it smells.
so the bathroom door opens and this little old man, who i have NEVER seen before in my life comes out. doesnt even say anything to me, just heads right out the front door. like he owns the place. i can ony assume he was one of the electricians my roomate told me would be in our little home this morning.
and it reminded me of a boss i had once, who would every day take a dump in the bathroom in the back of the store, and thought he could mask the odor by lighting a match. this was stupidity. now every time i smell a match, i think of him.
so then, this is the conclusion of the matter: i think, if you are in the workplace, you should not stink it up.

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