Saturday, May 10, 2008

the east indian man who thinks he's a lion

there's this impossible intersection on quance avenue. no lights, no crosswalk, just a lot of cars that will probably take me out one day while i'm crossing.
today, i stood there,
and i stood there,
and i stood there...
and there was a tiny break in the traffic so i ran across, head down, ready to be crushed by a hummer or large dodge truck driven by some rich blind guy who's concentrating more on his cell phone and cd player and finding the freaking gym than on not hitting me, the poor unathletic pedestrian who's running and running...but not getting anywhere very fast. and i was so concentrated on my mission, that when i made it across the street i didn't realize it at first. and i kept running--right down the middle of this other road. right towards this one car.
we played chicken.
i probably looked either crazy or suicidal, and the car just kept coming. and then i realized that i was about to be in a head on collision. so i stopped. and screamed. and then, very gracefully, scrambled out of the way of the oncoming car. which may or may not have had to swerve a little so as not to hit me. i'm an idiot.
the passenger was this east indian man guy, who was... maybe having a bad day? he stuck his head out the window and literally roared at me.
touchy. i mean come on, i really think they would have done more damage to me than i would have to their car.


Megs said...

Wow...Thanks for making my morning/evening so much that you almost ran into car, and you were roared at by a lion/man. Letting you know you make me smile from far far away! Miss you and love you friend!

Annora said...

Keep up the good work.