Thursday, May 8, 2008

5 reasons today could potentially be bad but is actually ok

[5] i'm watching oprah right now. basically because i'm too lazy to turn the tv off...but it's on mute, so it's ok. instead of the sound from tina turner [who is performing today on oprah, in case you aren't tuned in], i'm listening to The Album Leaf. which is stellar.
[4] i had a job interview today, and my interviewer was a lady named Ish with pink hair, and she asked me a really hard question (how would you describe yourself in 3 words?). but i fudged my way through and expect it went not too train-wreckish, so it's ok. i might have a job, which is stellar.
[3] this morning when i woke up my room was FREEZING cold, and that made me pretty unhappy. but i'm warm now, so it's ok.
[2] the street sweepers came early this morning to sweep the street, and my car was still parked out there. and if you leave your car out there, they give you a 50 bones fine and your car gets all scratched up. but patricia was nice, and moved my car for me, so it's ok.
[1] this is basically a really lame blog entry, but no one reads this thing anyways, and the one[s]? who do/does loves me at my lamest...or don't know me. so it's ok.

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