Thursday, February 3, 2011

let's all laugh at the crying girl

i woke up this morning in kind of a hopeless mood.
the sun was tentatively peeking into our bedroom, casting cautious rays on the bedspread so as not to wake us too abruptly. i blinked and involuntarily slid into consciousness.

there's usually a moment upon waking where everything is beautiful and nothing hurts--the moment is often shattered by reality. this morning, i don't think i had the moment for even a second before i remembered the things that happened last night.

here's the situation:

barclay has hotels on the light blue properties, the orange properties, the red, and the green. so by the time i had enough money to build, the hotels were mostly used up and did you know that in the monopoly rules, you can only build until you run out of buildings? that means: no using the extra playing pieces as hotels or crumpling up gum wrappers for houses.

so last night before bed, i landed on new york and had to come up with 1000 dollars. i only had $200 and most of my properties were mortgaged. so i had to start removing houses, for a major loss of money.

i said i needed to sleep on it, that i'd make my decision in the morning: sell or bankruptcy. i really hate to lose, but if i'm going to anyway, i don't want to drag it out.

anyway, barclay's at work now so i don't have to make my decision til he gets home.
to make myself feel better, i'm laughing at this little girl's pain:

if you'll now excuse me, i have to go prepare. my first two students are coming today, and i shall officially be a piano teacher.


SarahAnn said...

I immediately sent that video to my husband, who was equally upset to see the Pack win. And if this child (that we'll meet in three weeks!!) is half that emotionally involved in the NFL, he will be one proud papa.

Anonymous said...

YAY! You're a piano teacher!!!! This is fabulous...I'm tres excited for you :)

kiersten said...

Ah! I can't wait to hear about your first day of piano lessons! YOU'RE a for-real piano teacher now!! :D

kelly ann said...

you're a piano teacher?!?! you're my hero. i'm serious. i wish i knew how to play SO BAD. will you teach me one day? i will walk to canada if i have to. (maybe not, but i would come visit, no question)

SO excited for you! <3

Carla said...

The raw emotion here.
It's just priceless.
I worry that this child might grow up to be a Las Vegas jewelry designer.

Jessica Lynn said...

You should search "3 yr old cries over Justin Beiber" haha video makes me laugh every time. Reminded me of this one.

Jen Glen said...

Yeah for students and teaching! How exciting. I'm very proud of you!

Mrs. Wilson said...

Boo to the Monopoly stuff!

Yay to the piano students!

suzy said...

sarah ann: hahahah i can't believe it's that soon! craziness. i hope the last little bit goes smoothly. :)

crystal: heck YES! i'm excited for me too. good times.

kiersten: i'm LEGITIMATE. i'm a grown-up now.

kelly ann: hahah YES! come visit! and i'll teach you the entire pink book in one trip. speed lessons. :D

carla: hahahahahhaah you're great.

jessica lynn: i SAW that! so funny...

jen: aw thanks! :) i feel so cool.

mrs. wilson: my sentiments exactly. boo and yay.