Wednesday, February 2, 2011

i didn't post yesterday

and i don't really feel like posting today.
but i will, because it's what i do. i post.
i'm working on lots of things lately. i keep telling people, "yes, i'll start working on that tomorrow!" and soon i have twenty hundred projects on the go. most of it's just for fun, but that's the problem because unfun things weigh so much more than fun things, and they sink to the bottom while i bob for fun things near the surface.
someone needs to come along and give my head a good shove to the bottom of the barrel so i can get a mouthful of unfun things that simply need to get done.


Hannah-Leanne said...

Can I help you with any of the things that simply need to get done? If I can let me know because then you can keep doing the fun things . . . like coloring my speakers! Hehe. Oh also, feel free to use any medium you like when it comes to decorating that wonderful prize.

SarahAnn said...

This is how I feel. And then the un-fun things are so daunting that it makes the fun things less fun because I feel guilty doing them. And so I do nothing and sit on the couch and check my email repeatedly so I "look productive."

Amylou said...

I need that good shovin' too!

suzy said...

hannah: hahaha well thanks! but it's all things like cleaning the toilet and making the food and such. sigh. oh well. i can't wait to give you your speakers.

sarah ann: i know hey??? exactly.

amylou: i'll shove you if you'll shove me...
haha just kidding. my husband is a pretty good motivator.