Saturday, January 22, 2011

victory documented

look how badly i beat barclay in monopoly this week. i owned/had hotels or houses on EVERYTHING, except the lame purple and light blue properties.

but the point is not that. the point is that some people have been having issues with my posts not showing up in their google reader.
do me a favour and let me know if you're reading this so i can tell if it's just a few people or all of you, please.

and then, would some computer savvy person offer up a solution to my issue? that'd be GREAT.
happy weekend!

OH POST SCRIPT!!!!: you should absolutely push the whatever you do don't push this button button today.


Mich said...

worked for me! Just not the whole post in google reader - i think there's a selection to only show part of the post in google reader perhaps? Anyway, you just have to click through. Maybe that's what they meant.

Mrs. Wilson said...

Yea, your posts are showing up only as a partial feed.

Yay on the Monopoly win!

The Lilac Rabbit said...

I am only getting a partial feed too. No photos at all.

Chantelle said...

Your posts always show up in my Google reader, but not the pics. I click over to your blog to see those. (PS Like the font changes.) :)

Chantelle said...

Oh and I see most people's pics, just not yours, so it's not my Google Reader settings I don't think.

amylou said...

I do get your posts, but it shows up as a partial feed, so I have to come to your blog to see the whole thing. Photos do not show up either.
You might have it set that way on your blogger settings. If not, I don't know what would cause that to happen.

I am so so bad at Monopoly! GO YOU!!

rachel! said...

hahah... i only love monopoly when you're the one on your side, well done! how did he survive for so long?

Mrs. Drama Queen said...

I get it :) neat website under the button btw

Anonymous said...

never worked for me, but i just switched to bloglovin and now i can see your posts perfectly! :) that's a HUGE monopoly game, just showin off how FANCY you are! ;)

Ashlee said...

Only part of your posts show up in google reader...I thought it was my crappy work browser, but I guess not. Yay for me, not-so-yay for you.

Congrats on the monopoly win. Beating my husband at board games is one of my favorite pasttimes.

suzy said...

mich, mrs. wilson, lilac rabbit, chantelle, amy lou, and ashlee: i changed that setting, so hopefully (let me know if it does) that should change. but there are some people who have emailed me saying that it's not showing up at all for them, as though i've completely stopped blogging. strange hey? also, i've had this happen to a few blogs that i've been following; just all of a sudden i don't get notified when they post anymore. i don't know how to fix it! :(

rachel!: he survived so long because the dice favour him and he ALWAYS misses my properties by magically landing on chance and community chest over and over. it's MADDENING! haha. but. i still won, so.

mrs. drama queen: isn't it the coolest?? i'm in love.

biscuit: yay for bloglovin! glad you can see me now. :)