Friday, January 21, 2011

it's friday, i'm in love

i'm thinking about electricity today.

i'm thinking about it because it feels like there is a big ball of it right in my throat.

i feel like if i were to stick my tongue in an electrical socket right now, i'd blow the whole neighbourhood up.

the source of the feeling is unknown.

i've been thinking some fairly electrical thoughts this morning over my red river cereal and hot chocolate, so maybe they've slipped out of my head into the rest of me.

i'm also listening to some fairly electrical music, involving some anathallo and and some sigur ros and some chopin.
so maybe that's it.

it could be that i'm sitting under my nuclear Christmas tree. 
how long is socially acceptable to leave your Christmas tree up? we like it too much to take it down yet.

in any case, i've got to go do something or my head is going to blow up.


Little Miss Curious said...

I love the photos! :)
What kind of camera do you use?


suzy said...

thanks! i just use the camera on my little green cell phone, and then i play with the color saturation and exposure and whatnot on my mac. :)

Elyse Canfield said...

i love these photos, suzy k!!

suzy said...

thanks elyse. :) i took them in the back alley.