Tuesday, January 11, 2011

today i feel

like maybe i could go to bed and sleep for two million years and when i woke up barclay would say, "hey babe, you sure were tired. while you slept i cleaned everything up and made waffles." and i'd eat a waffle or two and go back to sleep. 


Hannah Joy said...

Just want to say that I love your blog! I stumbled on it one day and pretty much couldn't stop reading it. Your paper rants are pretty rad.

Carla said...

I feel your pain, sister. My husband is opening up our very own restaurant in 2 weeks and I. just. got. sick.
Tea, cinnamon toast and sleepy sounds good to me.

SarahAnn said...

The baby moved last night literally from 3:00 a.m. until 4:30 a.m. While I'm happy to know my baby enjoys a good dance party, my sleep was minimal.

So, I will sleep for a million years today, and if the gentleman wants to make me waffles, then so be it because he makes the best ones EVER!

Jessie Jaques said...

Ah yes...

I've been sleeping fine lately, but somehow can't. get. enough.

Fresh shower + pj's + hazy gray skies + waffles = what I want right now! :D

Suzy, you are too cool.

Anything but Bland said...

i'm sleeping a lot these days, too :/

spring soon!

love, polly :)

Anonymous said...


this has nothing to do with your post. (although because I have been unable to fall asleep at night, I've been sleeping in till forever lately... I never want to wake up)

but i just thought (while listening to it) that you may LOVE William fitzsimmons... have you heard him!?
Really, look him up... its just beautiful. And if I took early retirement (i am slightly envious of you) I would listen to him sing all day, and go for bike rides, and drink coffee and hike and do devotions in a hammock.

have a good day!

anna p of just me. said...

mmmm waffles are worth waking up for.
and snowy cold days are worth sleeping through.

suzy said...

hannah joy: well thank you! i'm flattered. :) i went and snooped on your blog too and think it's sweet.

carla: a restaurant??? i hope you feel better! you are going to blog about the restaurant i hope? pictures and things. :)

sarah ann: awww...i know my reaction should be sympathy but i mostly just can't relate so my first reaction is to think it's so dang cute, and i want a wee baby kickin me all night long. haha! but seriously, i do hope you get more sleep. :) your baby belly is so cute!

jessie: well i'm sure you're getting lots of rest this week! the week after a wedding is crazy wonderful. :)

polly: indeed. spring soon!

creating karlek: i'm going to look him up right now. :) thanks, i love music suggestions.

anna p: my sentiments EXACTLY.