Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Christmas is good. Christmas is great and good. and i like it a lot. i'd have another, i like it so much.
Christmas is expensive. 
you know, because there's your family, and then [if you're married or going with someone], there's your other family, and there's your friends and people you don't really consider your friends who gave you a present so you have to give one to them too and just all these other miscellaneous people you have to buy stuff for. 
it's kind of ridiculous.
last year, and the year before that, and all the other ones i've been around for, i just went with it. it's like gas for your car, or groceries, right? there's not really an option; you need those things, you pay for them.


this year, we made quite a few of our presents. not because we are particularly crafty, creative, or genius, but because we were well on our way to spending more money on Christmas presents than on groceries for a year. 

i won't show you all of them, but i will show you my favorite one; something barclay whipped up for his little sister. [he made a similar one for my little sister too]. 

in case you are bad at seeing pictures, i'll explain to you that this is a wooden box with a record sleeve for a lid. and inside the box-- [because you can't just give someone a box for Christmas] [[unless it is a very nice box made of gold or something]] [[[but even then you should probably put something inside like a note or a chocolate or some pennies or something]]] [[[[i digress]]]]
--and inside the box...!!!

a clock barclay made out of a record.

{here's the other one.}

altogether, this gift cost about 5 bucks to make and just turned out pretty nifty-looking. in my humble opinion. but maybe i just think so because barclay made it and he is a hunk.

he is such a hunk.


SarahAnn said...

That is one unbelievably crafty, seriously cutesy gift and I love it. What a talent that your husband can make clocks.

I make a lot of gifts too. Not only is it cheaper, it ends up making Christmas way more fun.

Carla said...

This is such a great idea!
We made a ton of presents too this year. It made me terribly nervous to open fancy boxes knowing that the person would probably not be getting the monetary equivalent...and then what does that say about our relationship....and what if next year they decide to get you something tiny and you've decided to go BIG because they got you something big the previous year?!
When does it stop?!!!!
(sorry hehe)

Emmy said...

That is extremely cool, I'd love to receive that! =)

Jessica Lynn said...

That's way cool! I wish I had cool craft ideas :)
P.S. I e-mailed you a couple days ago, I hope you got it!

Kayla said...

That's adorable. You are adorable about your hunk. But I totally know, right? Husbands are so hunky.

amylou said...

that's amazing! I wish I knew how to make one now!

Emily Jane said...

I want a record clock!! :) Christmas was soooo expensive... I'm glad it's over in that respect.

Happy new year!

suzy said...

sarahann: for real hey? i'd waaaay prefer a homemade-gift Christmas to a store-bought one any day. :)

carla: hahaha it's so true. what a torturous tradition. why do we DO this to ourselves???

emmy: me too. i keep hinting at him to make ME one.

jessica: well, you can steal this one! it's super easy. :) [i replied to your email just now!]

kayla: husbands are soooooo hunky. hunka hunka burnin love.

amylou: oh, it's so cinch. just get a clock and a record, take the clock apart and reassemble it over the record. presto!

emily jane: well you should make one too! [see above comment]
happy new year!!!

Holly Knitlightly said...

What an awesome idea! I prefer homemade gifts, because then you appreciate how much time & effort someone really put into it.

suzy said...

holly: absolutely. i think next year we're doin a strictly homemade Christmas. i'm excited. :)