Friday, December 31, 2010

it's my birthday

not really. but hotmail thinks it is because apparently when i started up my account, i typed in that my birthday was 31/12/1987 for no good reason. so today when i checked my email, i was greeted by a special little birthday greeting from hotmail that says to put my feet up and relax because today is my special day.
don't mind if i do, thanks, don't mind if i do.
it felt kind of like the time a few years ago when i for no good reason changed my birthday on facebook from june 20 to january 20 [stop me if i've told you this story before] and some very good friends threw me a surprise birthday party complete with presents and a dairy queen ice cream cake.
imagine my sheepishness when, after being sung to, i blew out the candles and admitted that it wasn't "actually my birthday todayyy but...thanks for the party and the stuff and i'll see y'all again in june?"
but the point is not that.
the point is i drew you three pictures to send a secret message:


Cheryl. said...

saying it without saying it?

Anonymous said...

HIPPO EWE EAR to you too!!!!!

Kayla said...

That is a really really good idea. Like, it's actually a little bit genius. Thanks!

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

I freakin love you:D

"Happy Birthday"!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Wilson said...

That's pretty hilarious about your birthday. :) Happy New Year to you too!

Chantelle said...

You are just a little ray of sunshine in my day. :) Hippo Ewe Ear to you too my dear!

CHAR said...

Tahahahahaha. Ooh! Makes me want to try it out too! TWO birthday cakes a year is good (We celebrate my half-birthday too!); but THREE is even BETTER :D Definitely will try this one out :)

And you know what else? Hippo ewe ear! :)

Carla said...


amylou said...

hahahaha! Cutest way to say it...ever!

Emily Jane said...

Your birthday is June 20 too? High five!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh. i feel so stupid. i thought this said "happy you here" like, you're happy that we're here.

so i was going to say "happy to be here!" but then clearly i misinterpreted.

happy new year! haha.

Jen Glen said...

I thought your birthday was in April?

suzy said...

cheryl: haha yis.

crystal: THANKS. wish you were sleeping on my couch this year again...sigh.

kayla: haha, i'm not a genius.
well. kind of. a little.
yeah ok.

amber rose: THANK you for the birthday wishes! so heartfelt, they will probably last me til june. :)

jen wilson: :D cheers!

chantelle: aw garsh! :D you're sweet.

char: do it! you'd get four, actually, because you'd get a fake half-birthday too. whoa.

carla: ;)

amylou: hahaha, well thanks.

emily jane! no way! birthday twins. that's sweet. well. i AM happy you here. so.

jen glen: hahaha NOPE. i'm a june bug!

Holly Knitlightly said...

hahahaha that's actually kind of awesome.

love the ewe.