Thursday, November 18, 2010

storm-stayed in my bedroom, eating chocolate chips

did you realize how easy it is to like something you hate just by deciding to? 

but the point is not that.
the point is that i just remembered that last week i posted a riddle:
"my left foot is right and my right foot is not."
did you guess it yet? probably not, it's kind of a silly riddle. the answer has to do with the socks i'm wearing. 


it's thursday. so my left foot is right...
anyways, i'm sorry about that, guys; i feel like most of you are groaning and saying how stupid that was.

one last thing:
for those of you who wanted to see the rest of my vacation pictures from last week, {such as you, jenglen} you can see them here. i simply don't feel like spending all night uploading. 



somewhat nameless said...

Hehe-- too cute. & I love those socks. & YES, it is so easy to go from hating to liking something. I love winter as well. ♥

Jennifer said...

Ha! I thought it was cute and quirky!

Amyschmamey said...

(insert courtesy laugh here) No but really. You crack me up. And that Palm tree pic is awesome!

Ashlee said...

So I just decided that you are really, REALLY pretty. Like, really. Gorgeous actually. Love those socks.

Joni said...

that palm tree picture is perfect!

Han said...

I nearly bought week day underwear the other day and the realised that I'd wear the wrong day on the wrong day lol. (Yup so clear lol)

Odd socks rock!

Jen Glen said...

Thank you! But where are the pics with you and David?

suzy said...

somewhat nameless: :) only if you have the right attitude about it right?

jennifer: thanks! :)

amyschmamey: oh thaaaank you for the courtesy laugh. haha, but seriously.

ashlee: garsh! blushing. thank you!

joni: thanks! i think palm trees look good in every picture though. just cuz of how awesome they are.

han: it's ok to wear the wrong day on the wrong day. i think. i do it every day.

jen glen: in the last post, silly! didn't you see them?

Holly Knitlightly said...

Okay I kind of chuckled at the riddle, haha!