Tuesday, November 30, 2010

fortune cookies

the thing about fortune cookies is that i only really ever liked them for the cookie part. the fortunes were always lame things like, "your personality will get you as far as it will get you" or "you might have something happen today or within the next 50 years" or whatnot. something that could be loosely applied to anyone in any situation. i think that's mainly the point, anyways.

but just lately,
i have had extraordinary luck when it comes to fortune cookie fortunes. 

exhibit a: the night we got engaged, we went to the mongoli grill and i got a cookie with two fortunes in it. 

exhibit b: the tuesday before our first anniversary, we went to the mongoli grill for date night. we were planning on doing something special for the weekend, but weren't sure what yet. i got two fortunes that night also:
oh but wait, it doesn't stop there. 
the week before we left on our cruise to the bahamas, i got this:
and the very next day, i went for lunch with karz and was telling her about my funny luck. i told her about the most recent one, then i opened my cookie:
fancy that. 

 i have more. i have a little stack of them. i think you get the picture though, i think these are enough.
{you might think i'm a straight-up nerd for keeping my old fortune cookie fortunes.
you might be right.}

but really, i'm not reading much into this, largely because every time barclay opens a cookie, he gets something like these:
i am open to the possibility that some chinese guy at the mongoli grill is playing a well-executed prank on me.
sir: in this instance, there is not much distance between "prank" and "stalking." 


anna p of just me. said...

i always keep mine if they are legit! if not, i make up something way more awesome like "soon you will meet the man of your dreams, win the lottery and loose a bunch of weight. congratulations."

amylou said...

how funny!
you should see my box of ticket stubs and cards from flower deliveries. Keeping your fortunes is just as awesome!

Maybe you should create new fortune cookies! The sayings do get a bit old.
Let me tell you a secret. Maybe you could try it too.
My family had this "bad" habit of adding a weird phrase to the end of every fortune for fun. The most popular phrase being "on the potty."
It may sound weird, but it was always tons of fun....until we started getting all the strange looks from tables around us. HAHA!

Alpha Monkey said...

Darling, I collect my fortunes and frame the good ones in a collage! I like to try and put them in some sort of order...like schizophrenic prose. I do the same with the little quote on the tag from the tea bags.

Jen Glen said...

Oh man! Now I totally wish I had kept ours from last night b/c Craig's was so awesome! Something about he'll have to get used to losing and he just lost a match of badminton singles for the first time this year! (I know, it would have been better if I had kept it.)

leyla said...

That is awesome. Mine are always dumb. Maybe I should eat more Chinese food.

Kelsey said...

I got the fortune "You are literate" TWICE!

JTay said...

When Sean and I were first dating we were having Chinese food with his family I got the fortune, "The person beside you loves you more than anyone." :)

wichser studio said...

hahah that's nuts! and knowing myself, i think i would totally take these to heart if they were spot on consecutively like that! it's funny you posted this, i've been getting great fortunes lately too!

BTW, guess what! you've been tagged! If you're up for it share 7 secrets...to see wth I'm talking about, check out my blog!

Gale :)

Alpha Monkey said...

Also, in fourth grade, my friend Amy and I did a report on China and made fortune cookies. They started out pretty good, then we got tired of thinking of things to say and wrote the rest in fake Chinese.

suzy said...

jen glen: the moral here: always keep everything. i should've teased him about this at work today, but he just kept running around like a chicken with his head chopped off. i'll tease him next week, maybe.

alpha monkey: what a good idea! i had a friend who did that with sentences she clipped out of magazines, and as a whole they were just so strange...i loved them. also, i loved your fourth grade story. fourth graders are awesome.

amylou: barclay pretty much thought that was the funniest idea ever. he went back to the post and added "on the potty" to the end of each of my fortunes... ahhh good times.

anna: hahaha, i wish they'd make fortunes like that. maybe when i grow up i will make a whole box of fortune cookies like that just for you. then you won't have to pretend anymore. :)

kelsey: that's awesome--you should probably write a book!

leyla: aw, that's sad. "your luck will soon change." {that's my fortune for you.}

jtay: awwwwwwwwwww. i bet you put it under your pillow that night. {hehe}

wichser studio: SECRETS!!?? yikes. i'm scared of sharing secrets. i'll think about it. i'm going to come read yours first..

Holly Knitlightly said...

Haha that's actually really strange. I just opened a fortune cookie last week, I forget what it said though... I did keep it. & Keith gave me his, and I still have it. I guess I could walk the 20 or so feet to go check, but... I'm lazy. Ha.

Apparently you're supposed to add "in bed" after your fortune.

Michelle (michabella) said...

That is so great! And I totally save fortunes that are meaningful to me toooo! :)