Saturday, September 18, 2010

yarnsnakes and motorbikes

i thought maybe it was the end of the world.
if you've read my blog for any amount of time at all, you know that i quite often think it's the end of the world. there's something wrong with me, i think. 
barclay and i both hear the same noise; he thinks, "oh, the neighbor is mowing his lawn," i think, "oh, the world is ending."
but today i really really thought it. 
but it was just 100 or so motorbikes driving past our house, up and down the street, for about half an hour. and car horns honking, and police sirens.
can you maybe understand why it sounded a little bit similar to the end of the world? especially considering i have never been privy to a world's end before and don't really know what it's going to sound like.

anyways. the point is not that.

the point is, 
these are our walking shoes. 
we took them out today, for a walk.
after all the motorbikes drove away.

it was one of those very fantastic walks. 

the sun was out and the people were out and we were out. 
can a walk get much better?


we made plans for next weekend and he walked on the outside of the sidewalk so i wouldn't accidentally get hit by a car. 
or a stray motorbike that got left behind by its herd.

we saw a big open canvas book by the street where anyone could draw or paint whatever they wanted with the provided sharpie markers.

we walked on, because i wasn't brave enough to draw anything.

then we found a most pleasant find:
someone had yarnbombed our neighborhood!

there were yarn snakes on fences, yarn leaves on poles, yarn hats hanging in store windows.
i wish someone had thought to yarnbomb lauren's broken car bumper on our front lawn.
[lauren, your broken car bumper is still on our front lawn. just so you know.]

we strolled on, down the street, past a music festival where a lady gave us free bannock and coffee and helium balloons.
i lost my balloons at a traffic light.

we held hands and talked about stuff.
we bought the newest maylene and the sons of disaster cd.

we saw a man hanging from a church.

we saw a group of adults playing children's games in the park,
and the most beee-yootiful graffiti.
[whoever parked straight in front of it is not on my favorite people list today.]

 wandering on, we saw a man sitting by the street painting. he wasn't very good, but he laid his artwork out for anyone to look at if they wanted to.
i thought that was nice and brave and good of him.
i guess he sort of inspired me because on our way back home, past the church and the bannock and the funny adults and the tree and the yarnbombing, i drew on the canvas book.
and of course i drew handflowers.

because handflowers are my favorite thing to draw.

my shoes have so many holes in them that when we arrived home, they kind of fell off of my feet.


ching said...

i adore the images on your post. you capture things beautifully. i am your new follower. :)

Chantelle said...

i so love your writing. reading it is like snuggling under a warm blanket on a chilly day.

Anonymous said...

i absolutely love this post.

amylou said...

1. You have great adventures!
2. I wish I could have that mural as wall art for my house.
3. I love you hand flowers! They bring happiness and smiles.
=) <---- See I told you!

Ellie Grace said...

I really liked this. :)
And if you care to tell me about your experience (relating to my blog post) feel free to. But only if you want to, no pressure. :)

-Ellie Grace

alexandria said...


an9e1a said...

Awesome. I love it all, and especially your handflowers!

Holly Knitlightly said...

Love that.

And I'm super glad the world wasn't actually ending.

Jen Glen said...

I love that you and Barclay have the same shoes. I love that you did go back and draw in that book. And I love that your neighborhood has so much cool stuff! I never think to go for a walk there...but that might have to happen one day...let me know the next time cool stuff is happening!