Thursday, September 16, 2010

nostalgia munchers

i found my cell phone. it was right where i left it [of course it was] and upon locating it i quickly checked to see what my phone number was. i think i have it memorized now.

now i'm trying to find something else.
i'm trying to find the game word munchers online. do you remember word munchers? and oregon trail and where in the world is carmen sandiego?--all those computer games on floppy disks that you played on the old apple computers with the pixilated green graphics and the sound effects that were like, "whah whah-whah whah-whah, plingdilingdilingdilingdiling! whah whah-whah whah--"?

sound effects are hard to type i guess.
anyways, the point is not that, the point is not anything except that it's one of those nights where i'm feeling overly nostalgic and like i need need need to play word munchers.

i was talking to someone the other day about violence in video games and about how games are getting so much more violent and just think about when these kids grow up and make their own video games--how violent are those going to be considering what they're used to-- but just think: the people who think up these present day violent games grew up on word munchers. and oregon trail. and they ended up at call of duty. 
the next generation's in trouble, i think.
well. good night.


kelly ann said...

whoa. nostalgia.

carmen san diego was my fave game. of all time. (did you ever watch the game show? loved that) i liked the oregon trail, too, but i would always get SO horribly sad whenever someone died from some awful disease. but man... the 90s. those were good times.

Joni said...

Hannah-Leanne said...

Me and Michael Ruten spent HOURS on Carmen. Ever blessed chance we got. If you find it let me know.

April said...

So true ... it almost makes me not want to bring children into the world to think of all that they're going to have to face.

On a happier note... I love Oregon Trail!

an9e1a said...

Congrats on the finding of your phone (and remembering your number)!! Oh, and sound effects ARE hard to type.

Speaking of those and the old apple computers, did you ever make your name scroll across the screen like a thousand times over and over by typing in some kind of code that the kid next to you told you about? Almost every time we got to use those things, that code would pass from person to person to person all around the room... Now I'm feeling nostalgic! :)

And speaking of video games, I completely agree. Thank the Lord we still have Mario!!!

Pamplemousse1983 said...

HI!!! I used to LOVE word munchers! And Oregon Trail (which I have on my iphone but it's not the old pixelated greatness I used to play) and Carmen San Diego! If you find word munchers anywhere please share ;)

Anonymous said...

I totally welcome the violence. I think it makes seeing horror in everyday life much less shocking.

Amyschmamey said...

For me... it's frogger, and arkanoid, and pac man, and Super Mario ONE! I used to have and Apple IIc :) I used to love playing games on it. I guess Frogger is kinda violent, I mean there is a possibility that the frog will get obliterated by some horrible means. Pac Man might be violent too, I mean Pac Man could get eaten by a ghost. Mario... well, he steps on things and when he is fire power mario he shoots things... maybe that's where the violence started, I don't know.

All that to say... nothing really.

I. Love. Your. Blog.

amylou said...

Loved word munchers!!!
That is a scary thought, video games are violent enough!

leyla / Too Much of a Good thing said...

Oh how I miss Oregon Trail. Such a good wholesome game. I still play old school games though...Mario Kart on the wii, yay!

Kara said...

OMG WORD MUNCHERS. This totally brought me back!! Is this the one that had teeth in it too? For some reason I remember something with teeth.

Awmber said...

Hahah Word Munchers! That's so funny! I actually never knew of its existence, but Number Munchers was my favourite computer game in elementary. Just after Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?

linnykins said...

Ohh wow! I don't think I encountered wordmuncher, but I remember that I was a fan of number munchers when I was at primary school. And my neighbour friends used to play Oregon Trail constantly.

As well as Carmen Sandeigo... ooohhh, memories :)

suzy said...

joni: it won't work on my computer!!
biscuit: i'm just a wimp. violence scares the crap out of me and i lay awake at night picturing gory things. sigh.
amy: you are right. violence is everywhere. we are doomed.
to the rest of you: try joni's link above and let me know if it works.

Holly Knitlightly said...

I looooooooooved those games. Ugh. I wanna play them so bad.

I'm trying to remember what that one game was called we would always play in class... Cross country Canada or something. YES. I just googled it, it was Cross Country Canada. I LOVED THAT GAME! I would totally play it again.