Wednesday, September 8, 2010

pop quiz, in honor of those going back to school

1-multiple choice: Today is the
a) eighth of september
b) last day to enter the giveaway
c) i can't think of a "c"
d) all of the above

2-really short answer: what is your favorite band?

3-essay question: if you could pick to be able to take complete credit for any movie ever made, which movie would you pick?

4-another multiple choice: hmmm, what's different about the ol' weblog?
a) there are two new buttons for me to have!
b) there is new music on the sidebar for me to listen to!
c) i can't think of a "c"
d) all of the above

5-bonus question: what movie is this quote from:
"WHAT kind of a man has a favorite daughter? and if you DO have a favorite daughter, you should LABEL them, FAVORITE, and NOT FAVORITE!"


Jen Wilson said...

1. d
2. at this moment, Eve 6. It changes daily though.
3. Fight Club
5. The Wrong Guy

What do I win?

Koree said...

1: D
2: a tie between Metro Station and Death Cab For Cutie
3: The Notebook or Forest Gump
4: D
5: The Wrong Guy ...but I will admit that I copied Jen's answer on this one.

Chantelle said...

don't have most of the answers except #2 - Sanctus Real (at the moment)

Amber Rose said...

1. c

2. Spoon

3. Wristcutters: A Love Story

4. B. Or C.

suzy said...

3-wow. I don't even know that one
5- the wrong guy.
[jen--i'm so happy you got that one]
koree: tsk tsk. cheater peter. tsk tsk.
amber rose: i've been wanting to see that movie. it's good?

an9e1a said...

Oh boo. I think I missed the pop quiz. I'd take the credit for Avatar I think. (We get the money too right?!)