Tuesday, September 7, 2010

just a dab of star repellant on your fingertip, and you can draw in the sky!

today i found some more good music
and also my missing deoderant

[it was under the oven
i found it while making rice]

i went for lunch with lauren

[i ate too much]

i read a bit out of a book i found at chapters on sale for $2.50

i ate brekkie with barclay 

[absolutely not in that order]

stephanie is coming over now
we're going on a walk with her baby

and then i am going on a date with barclay

it has been and still is and will most likely be
a nice day

i hope yours is the same


April said...

...is that an iPad? I am so intrigued...

suzy said...

april: nope! just a piece of white paper and a sharpie marker. :)

Jen Wilson said...

What the ... HOW DID YOU DO THAT? Are you magic?

Alice said...

You're a clever lady! Time consuming?!

an9e1a said...

I love, love, love your star repellent finger!!! :D And, hahaha, I can't help but wonder how the deodorant ended up under the stove(or how you found it while making rice)!!

Sounds like your day has definitely been good. Have fun on your date!!

kelly ann said...

you're rad. the end.

Amyschmamey said...

I have been eating way too much everyday for the past 4 days. HA. Love this. I hope your day is everybit as good as you predict. :) HOpe mine is too! ha.

Amyschmamey said...

I guess that should have said I hope your day WAS every bit as good as you predictED. Past tense, since this was writtin on the 7th. I am a bit behind on blog reading if ya can't tell.

amylou said...

I'm completely baffled!

That sounds like a wonderful, fabuolous day!

Cara said...

mine can't be the same. i can't have brekkie with barclay. i'm SO GLAD you found your deodorant. xoxo

Clarissa said...

You are far too clever, woman. I want to attempt something like this but I already feel like my efforts would be futile. Consider me jelly.

suzy said...

alice: i guess a little time consuming. buuut...i was chillin in the sun room listening to music and drinking hot chocolate. so. :D you know.

clarissa: JUST DO IT! get some hot chocolate and some music and doodle your heart out. so best.

cara: thank you for caring about my deoderant. :) and i feel sorry for you that you can't have brekkie with us--it was dang good brekkie.

amyschmamey: well? was it? [it's ok. i'm behind too. that's the next order of business.]

jen: i absolutely AM magic. and a little bored.
i think boredom, a lot of the time, breeds magic.

Kara said...

Oh my God, you are awesome.

Holly Knitlightly said...

I think you are magic.

My deodorant is always hanging out under the stove too. (Not really.)