Wednesday, July 21, 2010

spaghetti and meatball cupcakes

amber, chess, and amanda were wondering about the spaghetti and meatball cupcakes i mentioned in the last post.

as far as i could figure, they were chocolate cupcakes, with thin, spaghetti-like icing piped all over the top, a fererro rochet "meatball" on top, strawberry jam for the "meat sauce", and white chocolate "feta cheese" grated over the whole thing.
a little bit completely genius.

unfortunately, mine is still in moose jaw.
[minus its meatball, which i ate pretty much right away.]

i guess some peoples' brains don't do very well with food that looks like the food that it isn't.

i've been a little bit stressed out about this cake here, for example.

i think i love it. but it makes me crave a cheeseburger, and i think the cake taste would disappoint me then.

anywaY. that might pOssibly jUst be one of those things i SHOULDn't get anxious about, as i highly doubt anyone is ever going to MAKE ME A CAKE THAT LOOKS LIKE A CHEESEBURGER.

i'm kind of disappointed about how conspicuous i am.


Chess said...

Those cupcakes look amazing!

Sorry. What on earth are all those capital letters for?


Amanda said...

Thanks SO much for clearing that up :) I thought it was like one of those things where they mix savory and sweet and I was struggling to appreciate a spaghetti cupcake :)

Cara said...

i MIGHT just make you a cheeseburger cake now... xoxox
ps, definitely check out "Hello Cupcake!" it's an amazing cookbook of the most adorable cupcakes.

AmberDenae said...

i really want one of those cupcakes. that is the neatest thing ever. i need to make them! and that cheeseburger cake is pretty crazy. love it. haha. thanks for clearing up what a "spaghetti and meatball cupcake" is! oh and ferrero rochers are my most favorite candies ever. hazelnutty deliciousness. its like nutella wrapped up in milk chocolate rolled in nuts and more chocolate. doesn't get much better. i could eat a whole entire jar of nutella in one setting, maybe not, i might get really sick. but i love nutella. okay, that was a really silly rant. happy day to ya!

Anonymous said...

haha...You should make ME a cake that looks like a cheesburger :)

Meg said...

omg those cupcakes are nutty!! haha.

Gracie said...

Haha The cheeseburger cake does look appetizing for a cheeseburger. I to would probably be disappointed because I would feel like a burger. lol

kara lynn said...

i think i might be scared to eat those cupcakes. they look SOO real. but that cake. looks amazing for some reason. i would eat it any day!