Tuesday, July 20, 2010

i am stark raving tired but grinning like a pageant queen

today is the best day.
today is so much the best day that i could just let out a big fat happy yelp even though i'm alone and would probably feel kind of silly afterward.
so i'm not going to do the yelp thing. but i'll grin.
i'll grin till the cows come home.
or my HUSBAND.
that's right.

i went on my road trip, ended up in the booming town-city of moose jaw, saskatchewan.
[side note: yesterday, my doctor told me i'm not supposed to have tea, spicy things, acidic things, or overly sugary things.
today hannah fed me tea, spicy salsa, lots of pineapple, and a migonstrous ice cream cone. i hit up everything on the forbidden list in probably a half hour period.
AND i forgot to take my medicine.
it's ok. my doctor doesn't read my blog.
guaranteed my mom is though, and shaking her head at me.]
[hi mama]

anyway. we walked, ate, chatted, and went to see the arbitrarys playing in a little coffee shop.
it was magical--

--until this scruffy dude decided to practice that age-old art of view obstruction.
rats: my least favorite age-old art.

seriously. from the best seats in the house to the worst seats in the house in 0.5 seconds.
after THAT, we went to beth's house where she gave me a delicious spaghetti and meatball cupcake.
as we were leaving her house, a huge rain [which, incidentally, turned out to be the neighbor's sprinklers] suddenly blew down from the heavens and got my cupcake wet. [and my most of me as well.]

but THEN, barclay called to say he's coming home. tonight! in one hour!
and you should know, i'm completely thrilled. i said goodnight to my moose jawian friends and jumped in my car to come home, soggy hair and all.
and here i am.
although, i arrived home with no spaghetti and meatball cupcake.


Amanda said...

what in the world is in a spaghetti and meatball cupcake?! I'm so intrigued...

Anonymous said...

YAY for Barclay coming home (and yay for eating forbidden food...although, i must admit that I'm shaking my head at you a little bit too!)

AmberDenae said...

yes, i'm also intrigued by this "spaghetti and meatball cupcake". how interesting. yay for your husband coming home. so happy for you :)

Chess said...

Just think though! What is better than a soggy-haired wife? ;-)

And what on earth is a spaghetti and meatball cupcake? It sounds.... interesting.

Alpha Monkey said...

Barclay is home!? If you get out of bed and answer any of these question before 2 pm tomorrow I will be seriously upset with you!

Jen Glen said...

YEAH!!! Looks like they got done MUCH sooner than expected! I'm trusting you had a fantastic reunion!

JTay said...

When Sean heard from Kaitlyn that the crew was coming home early I was like, "Oooh! Suzy's gonna' be SOO happy!" I love that feeling of seeing the husband before you're supposed to. It's like every minute is a magnificently special gift. Enjoy!

Marcie said...

Love your blog! It is so fun. I am off to read more.


suzy said...

thanks all! i'm pretty happy about the whole thing. :D