Tuesday, May 18, 2010

today i made a new friend and got a haircut and also someone died

"what did you do today?"
i jumped up from the couch. i'd had an exceptionally full day.
"um....well first, i went for brekkie with alyssa. she bought me a scone."
"oh nice."
"yeah, and then at ten i went to your parents' house and lydia chopped all my hair off, see?"
"yes--it looks good."
"yeah, she did a good job. and then, at eleven thirty, i went for lunch with hannah, and then i went for a walk with stephanie. there was a protest at the legislative building and a man died and i got a sunburn. there were a lot of people there."
"wait, a man died?"
"yeah. at the protest. i don't know anything else about that. we found out about that when we went into the ledge to get some water, because we were thirsty. did you know you can just walk into the ledge and ask for water and they'll give you water? and these security passes that say "V" on them. which i thought meant "SECURITY LEVEL FIVE" but it actually just means "VISITOR"."
"did you see the man die?"
"no, he died before we got there. there was an ambulance. but we walked around the lake and saw about a hundred baby geese. and then steph left. shar, and anne, and their friend katy came then. at first katy was really quiet, but then i asked her if she liked music and she said she did, and then i asked her if she liked mother mother and she said she did, and she let me take pictures with her really nice camera and we became friends. AND THENNN--"
"and THEN, this HUGE scary man came buzzing around the corner on his bike, screaming obscenities and telling us to get off the road. he almost hit us all. like bowling pins. and then he came BACK for a second go but we jumped off the path and he yelled "THAT'S RIGHT--YOU STUPID GIRLS KNOW TO GET OUT OF MY WAY!"
now barclay was sitting straight up. he's protective of me. it's cute.
"we were mad. so we left. but as we were leaving i realized i didn't have my car keys. and i looked over and they were on the lawn where the protesters had been. i left them there for a couple hours, i guess. i was sure glad no one took them. umm....that's it i guess. i came here. tried to comment on cheryl's blog but it's still not letting me." [cheryl, i don't know what is up with your blog. i tried. hope you're loving mexico!]
"wow. i ate a klondike bar."


Steven Cain said...

Hold it...you cut off your hair...like all that beautiful blonde hair I just saw in the heart shaped candy pictures?
Maybe that's why they were having a protest!

Goof-On-Bike didn't really say 'YOU STUPID GIRLS' did he? What is that all about?! Too bad you can't trip a bicycle.

kelly ann said...

ohmylanta, talk about a full day! sheesh. haha, the "wow. i ate a klondike bar" part cracked me up!

Cara said...

AWWW Barclay was so impressed with your busy and exciting day, and so intimidated that all HE did was eat a klondike! OH show us your hair and you are so adorable.


Chess said...

I went to class for nine hours today. And I ate a couple times. That's it. Loved the Klondike bar, although, in Barclay's defense, those are so delicious that eating it was definitely a thing of importance. ;-)

suzy said...

chess: you are right, klondike bars are definitely an important detail.
cara & kelly a: he made me laugh out loud too. he's pretty much the best ever.
steven: that was exactly what he said. except he called us a name not so nice as "girls." which i won't even really allude to here. [my little cousin hannah reads this blog!]

Jen Glen said...

Proof in point that your life is way more exciting than mine. I know you've told me that I just have to look for the odd things that happen, but you didn't look for that guy, he nearly ran you over! That's never happened to me, therefore, your life really is way more exciting than mine.

Cheryl. said...

I fixed it! I don't know what the deal was with my comment thing. But... comment away!