Monday, May 17, 2010

title track

last night i woke up.
[there's not a lot else you can do when you're asleep.]
i scratched my nose and felt something squish beneath my fingers.
i sat straight up, flipped on the light, and stared at the dead centipede [milipede? christopher walken?] lying on my pillow.
barclay stirred.
"what's up, suzy?"
i flicked the bug off the bed, shuddering at the thought of it crawling across my face.
"it was a bug..."
"oh. a bug? you ok?"
"it walked on my pillow."

i don't know. i just felt like i should share that on here. it felt fitting.
like a red woolen sweatshirt.


Morgana said...

I was wondering why you chose that name this morning, on my couch, with my coffee.

JTay said...

eeewwwy eeww EW!

I am the type of person that, when summer comes and so do the hordes of bugs I imagine them to be crawling on me, even when they aren't.

Now I have a new one to imagine.

kelly ann said...

blech. yikes! one time a cricket crawled across my face and it was a terrible moment. i will never forget it. i was lying on the in living room watching a movie and BAM, hopped onto my, did a little dance, and hopped off. ever since then i've been totally creeped out by crickets. ugh.

and then there's the time i got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and stepped on a gigantic water beetle. guts between my toes. RAD.

Cara said...

so SO fitting. is that how you got your blog name? just curious!

sorry that creep walked across your pillow.

suzy said...

justine: i'm such a paranoid creature...last night i couldn't sleep for fear another one might come...ugggghhhh.
kelly ann: EW!!! i've woken up with a cricket on my stomach before but on your FACE? yuck. yuck. yuck.
cara and morgana: haha, no, this happened sunday night, so it's not where i got my blog name from. i got my blog name from a tv show i used to watch, not from personal experience...until now... :)

Anonymous said...

" 'it's a bird!' 'I know it's a bird, I'm on the phone!' 'It walked on my pillow!!!!!'" bawhahah!!!! I read this post at work and immediately dug through my purse, grabbed my ipod and listened to good ole buster (I have the audio for a couple of my favorite lines on my ipod). SOOOO good!

Steven Cain said...

Oh great... I'll have to sleep with my beekeepers hat on again tonight.

Freakin' bugs!

suzy said...

hahahahah crystal i miss you so much...!
"oh no! it's...the cops!...and worker..."

Jen Glen said...

Creepy Statistic: You ingest on average, 7 spiders in your lifetime. Good thing you got that millipede or you'd have to add that to your statistic.

Anonymous said...

Sigh! Miss you too Suzster! I'm thinking I'm gonna have to make a road-trip out there to see you soon :)