Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the case of the phantom capital "S" Smell

today i was walking through our kitchen and Smell hit me like a brick wall.
it smelled like rotten eggs.
i looked in the fridge, in the garbage, behind the counters, in the sink.
but the phantom Smell was nowhere except in my nostrils.
so anyways. when i found the Smell i felt like an idiot.
and i'll tell you what it was. but i first have to say this:
please don't judge me, i know it's been a while since easter, i just reallyreally liked the eggs we decorated this year and they looked so cute in a bowl on the counter.
oh but they stank.
let me tell you.
that was maybe why the Smell smelled like rotten eggs.
so i threw them away and went thrifting.
i bought a pretty lacy dress, a sundress, a dress shirt, some earrings, a cardigan, a sweater, a scarf, and a skirt.
for 24 bucks.
and when barclay comes home, he's going to be just thrilled that i have more clothes!


Jen Wilson said...

You're hilarious!!

I never would have thought about the eggs either.

Also, saw your button (CUTE!) on your sidebar there and added it to my Blogroll page :)

Chess said...

Oh my gosh. That is simultaneously horrible, hilarious, and heinous. You left the eggs for that long? They must've been adorable! Hahaha!

kelly ann said...

haha oh noooo! rotten egg smell is just... the worst. and YAY new clothes!

p.s. your blog cracks me up. seriously.

Allie said...

eeeew rotten eggs! I'm kind of jealous though- I've always wanted to decorate an easter egg =(

emilia. said...

adorable blog! :)

Kiersten said...

We MUST go thrifting sometime soon. Our summer has started, I think, now that the weather has gotten better. It's time for action. ;)

suzy said...

jen! you added my button!? you're the first. is it wierd that i'm really excited about that?
kiersten: indeed we do!! let's set up a date SOON. i have a great new place to show you. ALL CLOTHES are 2 bucks.
chess: alas and alack, they were SO cute... i couldn't handle throwing them out. but daaaaaang they stank.
kelly ann and amelia: :D i love both of your blogs so much.
allie! you've never???? ack! you need to try the silk tie method. it's am-az-ing and so easy. do it. it doesn't even need to be easter.