Tuesday, March 23, 2010

would you like to see what i did today?

well, first of all, i forgot to put one of my earrings in. i was talking on the phone while getting ready and so i guess i only had access to the one ear and didn't even think about the other one [out of sight, out of mind]. and then later my head felt kind of lopsided (these are big 80s earrings and all), and i checked, and sure enough. a vacant lobe hole.

it's also unfortunate how, in the above picture, it looks like i only have half of one of my eyebrows. i look like an overplucker. i'm not, i'm just the next best thing to an albino.
speaking of eyebrows, i have a lovely eyebrow anecdote for you:
my friend angee once tried shaving her eyebrows with a razor because she thought it would be quicker and less painful than plucking [true] and she ended up accidentally shaving the whole thing off. then, because she didn't have a proper web cam, she scanned her face and sent the jpeg of her smushed, eyebrowless face to me via email.
i hung it up in my room, even though it didn't really look like angee.
anyways. the point is not that. the point is look what i made!

you'll be interested to know that the designs on the eggs were made using a silk tie, and involved zero artistic talent whatsoever. 
but i suppose you might not be interested to know that.
i suppose you might be all, "this post is boring, i don't care about eggs."

oh. i'm sorry.


Marcie said...

but was it your "zero talent" that created those eggs?? 'cause that's impressive

Alices Wonderland said...

So how did you make the eggs???

elena (a.k.a. suzy) said...

oh, it's so wonderfully easy:
you get a little square of silk (like from a tie) (yes it has to be silk), and you get a little square of cotton (like from a tee-shirt) (yes it has to be cotton) and you get an egg and some big old twist ties.
you put the silk around the egg, and the cotton around the silk and the egg, twist the top and secure it with the twist tie. you make sure the silk is good and tight around the egg.
you take the little bundle and put it in a pot of water with vinigar in it. you boil it. for i can't remember how long. quite a while. like maybe even half an hour. hm. i'll have to check.
then you let them cool down and unwrap them, and the design from the silk will have transfered perfectly from the silk to the egg. it's magical!

Alices Wonderland said...

I can't wait to try this, my husband is gonna be so pissed next week when he goes into his closet..

elena (a.k.a. suzy) said...

hahahaha, i laughed out loud at that. he might like it better if you get old ties from value village. :)

Anonymous said...

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