Saturday, March 13, 2010

more throwing things, and an explanation

it was a week for throwing things, i guess. caramels, mousetraps, fits, you name it.
yes, mousetraps. i got one to the head. it snapped and grabbed a chunk of hair on the way down.
i don't even know who threw it. some 13 year old with bad manners. 
so anyways, that was when i threw the fit. because it doesn't really matter how childish it is to throw a fit, no one's going to fault you for it when people are throwing germy, mousey MOUSETRAPS at your HEAD.
anyways, you're probably wondering where that music is coming from. or why.
scroll way, way down, and on the sidebar, i've added a music player. why? because.
if you hate it, you can push pause. if you kind of like it and would like to keep listening to it even after you're gone from this place, you can click the button that says "pop-out player" and it will open up the music in a separate window!
technology can be friendly sometimes.
it's just a bunch of songs i fancy. i add to it once in a while, shuffle them around. it's mostly for L.I.T.H., because i used to bother them in their dorm rooms about five times a day with a "knock knock...i need to show you this song. i love love love love this song." and then i'd barge right in and turn off whatever they were listening to, shove my cd in the player and sprawl out on their bed, promptly bursting into tears if the song compelled me, or grinning like an idiot if the song called for that instead.
this is the online version of that. minus the grinning/bawling/saying, "oh, this is my favorite part right here!" every five seconds.
music is gnarly.


Anonymous said...

You have great taste in music Suz. I like the whole playlist thing.

Anonymous said...
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rachiedragon said...

this makes me unquestionably happy :)

Anonymous said...

Sigh! I miss you bursting into my dorm room with your new music!