Wednesday, March 31, 2010

meet theresa

this is the first picture from my house hunting extravagavenger hunt yesterday.
[i've walked past this building a million times without ever seeing the laughing man/woman on the side.]
i'll post more. i have 45. i don't really know what my fascination with houses is all of a sudden. it's kind of like the time i became enthralled with pencils in the fourth grade and collected tins and tins of pencils. one day, i tried to wear all of my pencils to school by attaching them to various pieces of clothing. i had 100 pencils. this was a stupid idea and i'm not sure why my mom let me leave the house like that. i bet she was relieved when i started collecting stickers, and also when i didn't try to wear all of my stickers to school.

another thing i did yesterday was eat vegetarian food with lauren. i love vegetarian food, but i also love meat, so there's a wee bit of a tension there. but the point is not that.
the point is that as we were chowing down on tofu [or whatever it was, exactly, that was in our animal-free cuisine], a little hand  reached up over the table and quietly nabbed lauren's cell phone.

her name was theresa and she was a five year old techno-geek and it became apparent early on that she only wanted us for our technology.
but we liked her just fine anyway.

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