Tuesday, February 16, 2010

heart-aches and heart-eggs

when i die, once safely settled in in Heaven, i want to watch my life played back on a split screen, with one side playing about three years ahead of the other.
i'd watch myself learning to ride a bike, falling over and scraping my knees in one screen, while the three years older version of me flies along a gravel road without an accident on the next screen over.
i'd watch my first day of junior high and my first day of senior high at the same time. one screen would show me with long straight blonde hair, ridiculously large ears and foofy bangs, and the other with a shorter haircut that hides my ears and doesn't make me look as much like a scraggly homeless child.
i'd watch my graduation from high school and my move to regina at the same time. one screen would show me leaving my whole life behind to go who-knows-where, and being quite fearful about it, and the other would show me meeting the guy who is going to be my future husband.
and then i'd get to valentine's day, and i'd watch my 19 year-old self waking up in bed alone, wallowing in teenage heart-ache and my 22 year-old self waking up to my husband, swallowing my homemade heart-eggs.

i think most of life would be nicer if you watch it in a split screen.
things turn out.


Anonymous said...

I agree.

Anonymous said...

I agree.

Jen Glen said...

That was very deep, Suzy. (And I'm being completely serious.) So much of life is completely like that. If we could only see three years ahead...I guess that's where trust comes in. Thanks for the reminder.

JTay said...

So apparenty I'm just going to comment on everything today.
a. Well done, Mr. Krause. Well done.
b. Well said.

Chess said...

That's beautiful! I'd like to see that for myself. :)