Thursday, February 4, 2010

facebook schmaceschmook: a commentary on the incontrovertible piques of social networking

facebook is not a social networking site.
facebook is a brood, nay, a plague, of time-sucking applications and games, coming at you amidst a dark, swarming cloud of up-to-date information about people you once knew in real life - information that isn't really any of your business. information that, if you were to call one of those so-called "friends" up and ask for it, would be denied you with an awkward, "okayyy... s'how do i know you again?"
and isn't that just it? you know what they're doing, where they're going, what they like, who they like, where they went on Christmas vacation, whose party they're going to on Saturday night [as well as who else was invited--and that you're not], and what strain of the moroccan flu they caught in new jersey, and you've veiwed a few dozen photo albums of them and their friends playing wii fit and going on vacation. some of which might or might not be photo-shopped to make pictures of them playing wii fit look like they're pictures of them going on vacation [not gonna lie: i have done it. for kicks].
you know them better than their own mum, but not at all.

this isn't me saying i'm going to delete my facebook account.
no way. uh-uh. never.
as much as i despise the level of connectivity i now have with everyone i've ever met in my entire existance, i wonder at people who live outside of cyberspace. of cyberspace?


Jen Glen said...

and it is for all those reasons you have just listed, that I do not and will not ever have a facebook account. And I'm going to be stubborn about it forever! I do have a blog though, so I may be being just as open and vulnerable as facebook, but someone it seems a little more private, you know?

kiersten said...

oh elena. you are awesome.

i agree. facebook = a love/hate relationship.


JTay said...

I agree. I have been embattled all week about deleting my facebook account. There is good, there is bad. Sigh. Maybe I'll just purge "friend" list.

Anonymous said...
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