Wednesday, December 9, 2009

speeding cars

so, i almost got hit by a car yesterday. again. in a parking lot.
i bent down to pick up something that had fallen from my pocket, when a car carrying a large vengeful woman came screaming around the corner. i looked up.
i saw the bloodthirsty rage in her eyes, the slight curl of her lip around her cigarette, the whites of her knuckles through her dry skin as she raised an angry fist and pounded the car roof.
the message was clear: you are probably going to die now, and i'm probably just going to keep driving, because i'm having a bad day and don't value your life pretty much at all. also, vehicular manslaughter might be kind of a fun and easy way to blow off some steam, because since walmart banned me from the store for pummeling a sales-clerk, i have no one to punch in the face when i'm upset.
more or less. i'm pretty good at reading people.
i scrambled out of the way, also a special talent of mine, just in time. she drove over that thing i was bending down to pick up [and boy was i happy, by the way, that it was not something expensive or breakable], and glared at me as she passed, like the villain on a movie does as he's being driven away in the police car.
and that was the last i ever saw of her.
but, as we all know, this will not be the last time i almost get hit by a car.

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