Wednesday, August 26, 2009

in the event that your first impression really is everything i may have to retire from meeting people as i'm getting exceedingly more bad at it

i met this girl yesterday. never seen her before, but she looked nice.
i said hi.
she said hi.
we were off to a good start.
then i said, "my name is suzy."
immediately she answered, "elena."
i was bothered, because
a) how dare she correct me; yes my name is elena, but if i want to be suzy, let me be suzy how about and
b) how did she know my name actually is elena?
i frowned at her in concentration. she offered an apologetic smile.
there was a lot of silence. then i broke it. i break everything.
because i realized i was being an idiot. i realized that she wasn't correcting me at all. i realized:
"your name is elena."
she nodded, really confused.
i offered a more-apologetic-than-hers smile. i squeaked out my explanation.
"me too. that's my name too. i'm elena too."
then she was more confused because, hadn't i just said that my name was suzy?
then something else clicked in my head. like 3 weeks back, i'd overheard some friends talking about "elena's boyfriend's spectacular moustache."
i know, there are probably more elenas in the world than me and this other one, but really, there's always a chance. the world is small.
"do you have a boyfriend? with a moustache?"
she nodded.
i don't think i've ever made a worse first impression on someone.


Mrs. Wilson said...

BAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!! Too funny. And awkward. And why I love your blog.

Anonymous said...

However awkward that was, at least it made a good story! That was hilarious to read, Suzy. Oops, Elena . . . whatever you want me to call you.

Jen Glen said...

At least you talk to people when you meet them. Sometimes I just stare awkwardly and then look away, b/c I have NO IDEA what to say!

SJ said...

hahaha. That is awesome. It makes me feel less bad about suddenly becoming awkward around people.


alayna said...

Hey Suzy, it's the Alayna that you met at the Krause's this know, the one that this post is about!

Just to let you know, I think what was more awkward for me was when I was talking about Barclay having a moustache, not realizing that he was sitting beside me the entire time...even while you were glancing at him as I was talking about it.

So don't feel bad. After that fiasco, I would still like to be your friend : )

elena aka suzy said...

hahahaha---HOW did you find this? :)
well phew, i would still like to be your friend too.

alayna said...

Haha, Hannah sent me the link after she realized that I was the Alayna you had blogged about. I'm glad you'd still like to be friends too!