Friday, July 24, 2009

the special edition downtown chicken

my friend erinn is going on a trip. for a year. just everywhere. so this post is going out to her. it's a story about her grad night, and bruce lee. however, i'm not saying for no one else to read it. you can read it. it's like eavesdropping. and eavesdropping, is fun.
erinn, i don't know if you remember bruce lee. i don't know if you remember your grad night. i was there. and micah, and jeremy. and dustin. (but of course dustin was there.) and we were wandering downtown saskatoon when we saw this white thing on the side of the road. and someone said it looked like a chicken and we all laughed at the thought of a chicken wandering downtown saskatoon by itself in the middle of the night. but, as it turned out, it was a chicken. so we picked it up, and somebody immediately named it bruce lee, and just then the police pulled up and wanted to know what we were doing wandering saskatoon in the middle of the night with a chicken. i don't know why they cared--i mean, you can't really commit violent acts with a chicken. when we told them we'd just found it and picked it up, they told us to throw it off the train bridge, and drove away.
but we didn't, remember? and do you remember why?
that crazy animal rights activist.
she was probably like, 19, and she had way too much make-up on and a fancy little sports car. and she was on a mission to save bruce lee.
she came right up to us and demanded to know what we were doing with the chicken. micah, right away, informed her that we were throwing him off the train bridge. she threw a fit and got out her little pink cell phone and started calling every animal shelter she coud think of. we left her there, almost in tears, trying to find a home for a stray chicken.
i dunno, i didn't care one way or the other. it was a chicken. i eat those.
anyways, erinn, i hope your travels are great. maybe you'll even run into bruce lee--who knows where he ended up?

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erinn said...

lol, oh good times...yes im sure ill meet up with many bruce lee's in asia and im if i order one up, poor little lee will be cut up right before mi wee eyes