Tuesday, January 13, 2009

ya gotta love the bpm

today i'm thinking really hard.
on sunday i went to a concert. (those two thoughts are unrelated.) on the way there i got a little lost and turned onto some train tracks thinking they were a road. hannah told me i should mention the event in my blog. here, hannah.
we got there an hour and fifteen minutes early, thanks to hannah's punctuality and my inability to read, combined. there were some people who were even earlier than us though, including On a Mission Woman. aptly named. she waited, silently, for the doors to open. she made no eye contact with anyone, didn't smile. a man came to open the doors and like a shot, she was up and marching through them, even before they were completely opened. she marched everywhere. she marched right up to the merch table and bought a bunch of merch. she marched to the bathroom and put all the merch on. she marched to the stage and waited indignantly for the band to start playing.
we just kind of meandered everywhere. cuz we were an hour and fifteen minutes early.
i didn't buy any merch, but did swipe a sizable stack of [free] Lights stickers.
before the show started, as the crowd was mulling around the darkened stage, a ting tings song came on, you know, "The Great DJ", pretty much my favorite right now, and me and hannah got ridiculously giddy because we'd just been listening to it on the way there. you should go listen to it on youtube. i'll help you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myJnsqGgxxM
so we wiggled along to that for a while. at the end of the show we started the "one more song" chant, and successfully got our song. that was nice.
the next morning, we went for breakfast and were the third ever customers in this new restaraunt that just opened up. we were greeted by this like, heavenly host of suited waiters and waitresses, because we were the only ones in the restaraunt at that point in time. but i can't remember the name and there was hair in my food and then they gave hannah shredded hashbrowns when she asked for cubed ones. i should have gotten cubed ones too, my shredded ones tasted like cigarette smoke.
but all in all, the whole experience was lovely. minus like, the cigarette hash browns and the hair and stuff.


Hannah-Leanne said...

Too true, the cubed hashbrowns were the way to go.
Did you check the video blog? Did you smile make it?
PS. I might just make it the the Anberlin show after all!!!
"ee ee ee, ee, ee ee ee ee"

Hannah-Leanne said...

PS bpm?

elena carin said...

haha, yes...the anberlin show is going to rock our socks off. you should stay at my house after. sleepovers are stellar.
PS bpm = beats per minute
it's a line from that song...

Hannah-Leanne said...

Scratch that. I can't come Suz. I had a way prior commitment.
I suck I'm sorry.
We will do this again. I promise promise promise.
I love you!