Tuesday, January 6, 2009

oh no! i'm a girl!

i got a PIANO for Christmas (!!!!)...some assembly requred. (some assembly required means why don't you just kill yourself). so i'm building it and i lose a piece inside one of the holes where a screw is supposed to go. so i get a bobby pin out of my hair and start fishing around inside this hole for it, and lose the bobby pin in there. so i call barclay. "barclay...i need to screw this leg onto this piano...but there's a bobby pin in there... and i can't get it out...so the screw doesn't fit..." barclay is quite quiet for a moment, and when he answers there's a little quiver in his voice: "suzy. why, why are you doing carpentry with bobby pins? don't touch anything til i get there...you goof!" he's laughing now. "you are such a girl..."
so i give up on the piano. i'm goin to robyn's house for a movie night. i bundle up semi-warm, start my car, and i'm off. i'm about five minutes into my drive, listening to the good old fashioned news, when i notice i forgot to scrape my back window and can't see a darn thing. so i pull over into someone's driveway, hoping they won't notice or mind, and get out to scrape the snow/ice off the window. mission accomplished...head back to the car...the door is locked. the car is running, the keys are in the ignition, it is freaking COLD out here, it's dark, it's regina, aaaand the door is locked. and in that quiet moment of realization, i hear...what's this...country music blaring from my car radio??? oh yeah...coz the news...is over...
i think that makes me madder than anything. i have to stand beside my car in the cold dark, listening to taylor swift.
thankfully, i have my cell in my pocket (which is odd, coz i usually keep it in my purse). so i text trusty old barclay again. "i'm stupid. come to my rescue?" and by the time he gets there, from the other side of town, 20 minutes later, i am this blubbering icicly mess.
then i drive from there to robyn's house and get my car stuck in a snowbank.


little rachie said...

oh suzi. i'm sorry. thats all i have to say to that entry. :)

Jannaya said...

Firstly... YOU GOT A PIANO FOR CHRISTMAS?! THAT is something to celebrate!!

Secondly... I feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHA!! Aww, Suzy, I totally know your pain. Well, minus the bobby pin in the piano thing. I love you.

Jesse said...

Suzy! Tis truly wonderful to find your blog as well! Wow... your story makes me glad I have returned to living beside the ocean.

Anonymous said...

JOYFUL NOISE!!!!!!! the only thing that I took from this entry is that YOU GOT A PIANO FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!! That's super exciting...I'm happy for you!

Holly Knitlightly said...

Ha, I hope you didn't waste any money on a lottery ticket that day... because you sure were unlucky.

.............what a lame comment.