Wednesday, November 26, 2008

rolaids guy

today, i had enough. today, i became a quitter. today was AWESOME.
i said, "Reg, this is my two week's notice."
and just like that, i'm done. well, in two weeks from today. i will be DONE.
an example of people i will not miss:
mr frumpy grumpy rolaids guy. he comes in and asks, "where's your rolaids?"
i say, "we don't have rolaids."
he says, "well..can you check?"
i say, "i'm sure we don't have rolaids."
so he goes over to the candy shelf and starts looking for rolaids.
i wait for a moment...
"are you sure you don't have rolaids?"
i shake my head. up and down. vigorously. furiously. adamantly. i'm sure. i'm 100% sure. i'd stake my life on it, sir, get out.
now he's mad. at me! for not having rolaids.
he says, "well! i thought you'd have rolaids. you certainly have everything BUT rolaids..."
huffily, he walks out.
it's called staples, guy, not the rolaids store.


Anonymous said...

Good for you! I'm glad that you're quitting this job you don't enjoy and doing something else . . . where you off to next?

rachie said...

hooray for no more staples!!