Wednesday, October 8, 2008

let's talk art

the future freaks me out. i found this:
wierd, eh? you can send your dna to this company and they'll make it into artwork for you to hang on your wall. my opinion? heck no. sounds like a bad horror movie to me. people sending in their dna to this obscure company nobody knows anything about. years later they're visiting relatives in another province only to run into...themselves. clones. thousands of them. and they're all in love with the same guy. some guy who was smart enough not to mail off his personal identity to one guy. thousands of the same girl. that would make for an interesting season of the bachlorette.
besides, what if you spend all that money, get your dna art back, and you don't like yourself? what if your dna is ugly? what if an ugly person has nicer dna than you? what would you tell people? "oh, uh, this is our pit bull's dna. what ugly dna he has."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

dna art does sound wierd...
p.s i always vote for your thingers on your blog!