Thursday, September 18, 2008

my karma ran over my dogma

today, i'm going to summer camp for the weekend. i'm gonna be a counsellor. for junior high girls. ah, i remember the days of summer camp all too well. i remember one night in particular...probably the low point of my camp career. our camp counsellor was in a bad mood. and i'll be honest with you, it was most definately my fault. i was a hyperactive terror. i might still be a hyperactive terror, but not to that extent. i was nuts. and that night, i couldn't sleep. and no one else could either (my bad). there came that point where i made her use her stern, "i don't even feel like pretending to like you right now, you're the kid i'm going to complain about when i get home" voice, and everyone finally lay back for a good night's sleep, which seemed impossible to me. i got really squrimy. tossing and turning, and then the next thing i knew... i'm not really sure what happened there. all i remember is that i woke up with my bottom half trapped between the wall and the bunk bed. my top half was sticking out the top, staring at all the sleeping girls, wondering if i should wake my counsellor up for help or if she'd beat me within an inch of my life. but then my ribs started to hurt. so i began to whisper, really loudly, "guys....GUYSSSS....pssss.....hey....i'm stuck..." i tried pushing the bed away from the wall with my feet but it was sturdy. long story short, my counsellor ended up waking up, and she and a couple other girls had to pull the bed away from the wall so i could ungracefully fall to the floor, smacking my face on the way down. (i think my counsellor may have done that on purpose.) i slept then. thinking back, i'm like, terrified for this weekend. what goes around comes around, and i feel like i may be about to pay for the annoyance i inflicted on that poor camp counsellor all those years ago.


Jannaya said...

I was just thinking about that incident a few days ago and was going to remind you about it! This post makes me happy. I can still see you wedged in between the wall and the bed.

suzi said...

oi...i kinda wish you didn't remember that. i was such a lamewad.