Thursday, September 18, 2008

the case of the golden mailbox

sometimes logic eludes me. example: i'm coming home from work. i'm putting my key in the door. i notice my mailbox is suddenly golden and the cement step in front of my door is mysteriously missing. first thought?
" roommate painted our mailbox."
logical enough. but as soon as i began to ponder the missing step, the light came on.
suzy, you're an idiot. stop trying to get into your neighbor's house or they're going to call the police on you.
at staples the other day, two grown men got into a fight over who was first in line. they were swearing at each other and saying fighting things like, "don't step up to me! i'll *^#&@&$ kick your *&$!" and "back off *$#$@, don't talk to me like that...i'll hit you man, don't make me hit you!"
it was intriguing.


Anonymous said...

You're absolutely hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Grown men! They should know better! You should've sent them both to the back of the line:)